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      Wasp Nest Removal Melbourne

      No matter what season it is, there will always seem to be a pest of the moment. Wasp infestations, whether indoors or outdoors, are a big nuisance to many households and businesses in Melbourne. Every year, wasps take over many properties throughout the country, making them difficult for people to live in. If you are in Melbourne and need Wasp nest removal and complete wasp control services, get in touch with us at 03 8592 4758 or simply fill out the above form to request an instant quote.

      If you have wasp infestation in your home or office, you don’t have to resolve it yourself. Wasp Control Melbourne is here to help make your property completely wasp-free. We provide wasp control services to our customers in and around Melbourne using eco-friendly methods and safe products. Having understood the urgency of situations, we provide quick response and take rapid action to get rid of those stinging insects as quickly as possible from your property. 

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      Some Key Facts About Wasps

      wasps vs bees

      Difference Between Wasps And Bees:

      Types Of Wasp Species Found In Melbourne

      European Wasp

      European wasps are about 12 – 17 mm and  too stout with bright yellow-black bands on their abdomen and a pair of black spots on yellow bands. These aggressive stingers are opportunistic predators and scavengers that eat dead animals, live insects, processed pet & human food, fruits, etc.

      Yellow Jackets (Social Wasp)

      Also called as social wasps, yellow jackets have yellow-black heads and patterned abdomen resembling stripes. They can sting multiple times, causing swelling, pain and allergic reactions to people who are sensitive to this venom. They feed on insects, spiders and human food.

      Common Wasp

      This type of wasp features two black antennae and two pairs of wings with the first pair larger than the second pair. They fly around by bringing their legs close to their body.

      Native Paper Wasp

      Native paper wasps have small heads with medium sized eyes and antennae. They have a slender body, narrow waist and yellow/orange bands on their abdomen. Adults feed on nectar, but they look for caterpillars to feed their larvae.

      Sand Wasp

      Many sand wasps are black with yellow, white or green markings on their body. They build their nests in the ground. Adult wasps feed on nectar but they hunt for flies and insects to feed their larvae. Their stings can be painful but not as aggressive as the stings of the European wasps.

      Mud Nesting Wasps

      Mud nesting wasps come in several colours and sizes, but found mostly in black or black & orange combinations. They have very long slender abdomen, which is why they are called thread-waisted wasps.

      White-Faced Brown Paper Wasp

      These medium-sized paper wasps are reddish brown in colour with creamy white face and thin white rings on their waist, abdomen and shoulder. They usually build their nests on trees, rocks, caves and under bridges.

      Tree Brown Paper Wasp

      These wasps are bright dark brown in colour with six yellow spots on thorax, yellow dot at the wing base and wide yellow band on abdominal segments. This species of wasps nest in the hollows of living trees.

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      Types Of Wasp Nests

      1. Ground Nests

      This kind of nests house ground-digging wasps and are commonly found in business buildings and around homes.

      2. Paper Nests

      This kind of nest houses European paper wasps and Asian giant hornets. They are usually found close to the gutters of homes or commercial buildings. They can also be seen on the steps of a porch or on a tree branch.

      3. Mud Daubers

      This kind of nest is built using mud. They are small and tubular in size, found typically in crevices and cracks.

      wasp nest types

      Where To Look For The Wasp Nest?

      If you realise that there has been an increase in the number of wasps flying around your home, then it is obvious that there is a wasp nest somewhere around your property. As wasps cover up their nests within wall voids or roof spaces, it can be difficult to spot them. Some of the places that you can look for the wasp nests, include:

      Why Choose Us?

      The exterminators at Wasp Control Melbourne understand that your number one priority is to ensure that your home or business is completely wasp-free. We also realise that you want to protect your family from adverse health problems caused by toxic products. When it comes to wasp control in Melbourne, we are committed to using only low-risk, toxic-free products to effectively eliminate the wasp problems and reduce the adverse effects for you and the environment. 

      All of our exterminators are highly trained professionals and are committed to delivering excellent service to our customers. With decades of experience and up-to-date training, we find the root of your wasp problem and solve it for you. We provide rapid response and provide customised wasp control solutions that are tailored to fit individual needs. 

      So, if you notice any wasp nest in or near your property, don’t wait to call Wasp Control Melbourne. Let’s provide a proven solution for your wasp control needs.

      "Nick's service was without fault. I was very impressed with his prompt service and professionalism in eradicating my wasp infestation. Thankyou Nick. I rate and recommend them highly."
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      "Had a wasps nest in the corner of my extension of our Buckingham shire home. Wasps Control Melbourne came and resolved the problem first time"
      Raza Abidi

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

      When you find a wasp nest near your home, don’t panic and stay away from the nest, especially if you have any allergies to the stings. Wasps are quite aggressive and their stings can be extremely painful. Getting rid of the nests requires expert knowledge and skill, so, don’t try to do this job if you don’t have enough experience on the same. If you attempt to do it yourself, you are doing more harm than good to your property. 

      The best thing you can do for the same wasp nest removal is to call in the professionals of Wasp Control Melbourne. Our certified pest control experts use personal protective gears to ensure that they don’t get stung by the wasps during the nest removal process. Depending on the location of the nests and type of wasps present in your home, the experts will use the appropriate technique to safely remove the nest from your property.

      At Wasp Control Melbourne, we adopt a comprehensive approach for wasp nest removal. Our process includes three steps – inspection of your property, tailored treatment plan and wasp nest removal. 

      Wasp Inspection 

      This is the first step of our wasp nest removal process. We will dispatch a team of experts to your property to conduct a thorough assessment of the wasp-affected areas. This helps us to determine the level and source of the infestation. 

      Tailored Wasp Control Plan

      Using the wasp inspection reports, our exterminators figure out the most effective wasp control plan tailored to your specific situation. Before we begin the procedure, we will discuss with you about the treatment plan and the expected results. Upon your approval, we will execute the wasp control process to make your home wasp-free. 

      Extermination of Wasps

      Our team of exterminators uses sprays and splashes to resist the presence of these stinging creatures in your property. If required, we will also use a combination of other treatment methods to completely eradicate the infestation. 

      The safety of our customers and their families is always our priority, which is why we only use eco-friendly products during the procedure. With Wasp Control Melbourne, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

      If you spot wasp nests in your building, yard or nearby your property, you should call in the exterminators as soon as possible. Here are a few reasons why wasp nest removal is important. 

      • Wasps are very aggressive insects, and even the slightest whack can make them violent and attack people around them.
      • The stings of wasps are highly painful, and you need to take medical treatment if you have allergies to their venom.
      • Wasps can sting repeatedly and it can be deadly if you have not received proper medical treatment. 
      • If you have a large nest on your property, there can be hundreds of wasps. The more the number of wasps, the more the number of people they can sting.

      It does not mean that the wasps will not return if the nest is removed from your property. They may still return if they find favourable conditions to survive. In order to prevent the recurrence of pests, let’s share some tricks and tips that restrict the chances of another infestation in your property. 

      • Don’t leave pet food outside. The leftover pet food should be cleared off immediately. 
      • Remove food scraps and pick-up fallen fruits from your garden/backyard quickly. 
      • Trim your trees and shrubs, and mow the grass in your yard on a regular basis. 
      • Make sure that the trash bins are closed with tightly-fitting lids. Also place the bins away from the doors & windows. 
      • Keep woodpiles off the ground and place them a distance away from the exterior of your home.
      • Inspect your home and garden regularly for nests. Early on, the nest will be smaller with fewer wasps, which is easier to treat.

      If you have found a wasp nest on your property, you can use the below tips to avoid getting stung by one until a professional comes in and removes the nest. 

      • Wear light-covered clothing. Don’t wear the ones with floral prints.
      • Avoid perfumed soaps, deodorants and shampoos. Don’t wear cologne & perfume. 
      • Bathe daily and wear clean clothing.
      • Cover as much of the body as possible 
      • Keep your garden and the premises of your home clean
      • Avoid dining outside 
      • Stay calm if the wasps fly around you

      We care about nature and all our pest control solutions are kids, pets and environment friendly. 

      Depending on our schedule and emergency, we do offer same-day service. Please feel free to contact us to check our availability.

      Price varies depending on level of work required from wasp control to nest removal. But we ensure that our prices are competitive and can beat any other quote you have from other sources.

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