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Insects play a vital role in the environment. However, some insects such as wasps are more of a nuisance. Having said that, to a certain extent they also help in maintaining an ecological balance, but because of their parasitic nature lay their eggs on other insects. They are also predators which bite and sting other insects which are responsible for pollination. If you have witnessed a swarm of wasps near your home or business then there is a bright possibility that your premises might be a wasp’s infestation site.

Types of wasps based on their behavioral pattern

  • Solitary wasps

Solitary wasps generally like to live by themselves rather than in colonies. They are less aggressive and would not sting unless agitated. They build their nests out of the mud and reside indoors like the window sills, porches, etc.

  • Social wasps

Social wasps as the name suggest live in colonies and are very aggressive if sensing danger. Wasp’s sting can be very painful and they can sting repeatedly. The life span of the worker wasp is quite short usually from spring to summer, and the queen wasp hibernates for winter. The most common type of social wasps is the European Wasps and the Yellow Jacket wasps.

  • Parasitic wasps

Parasitic wasps can disturb the ecological balance as they lay eggs in the bodies of other insects and often feed on them. They are very harmful to the crops and can spoil the entire yield. They generally do not sting but are known for their destructive nature.

Wasp Removal CamberwellOur Wasp Control Process

It is strictly advised by pest control services not to use any DIY methods as regards wasps’ infestation is concerned solely, because of two reasons. Firstly, wasps are known to be very aggressive and the female wasps sting repeatedly. The wasp’s sting can be very painful and can call for hospitalization. After the female wasps die it leaves an odor for its fellow members as an alarm. It takes less than a minute for the entire swarm of wasps to arrive. Secondly, it is quite difficult to spot wasps’ nests as they build their nests in wall cavities, in between roof spaces, and voids. It can only be spotted once it is large enough to be tacked by a common man. Therefore, it’s best to get in touch with pest control in Melbourne as they come equipped with protective gear and are highly trained. Eco-friendly ways of treatment are made used to safely remove the wasps. Wasps Control Melbourne takes full care of the safety of their clients especially the elderly and kids and makes use of non-hazardous chemicals and sprays.

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