Wasp Removal Glen Waverley

 Wasps generally have a bad reputation when compared with their close competitor bees as they are not very good at pollination, however, they also have a special role to play. They try to maintain a balance in the ecosystem by acting as predators who are a threat to the crops etc. But at the same time, they can also cause immense damage to the property. If you are suspecting wasps’ infestation in your home or business then it’s wise to seek help from wasp removal Melbourne and do not deal with it yourself. Wasps’ stings can be immensely painful and can also lead to hospitalization in a few cases. Wasps unlike bees sting repeatedly and once they die leave an alarm for their fellow member to follow. Hence a swarm of wasps can be very difficult to deal with.

Types of wasps found in Glen Waverley

There are several species of wasps in Glen Waverly, however, the two most common wasps found in Glen Waverley are based on the following specification

  1. Introduced wasps: Introduced wasps are wasps that have comes from various parts of the world. The most common introduced wasps are the European wasps which are one of the most aggressive wasps and are known for its sting.
  2. Native wasps: Native wasps are inhabitants of Australia and are known to be more solitary in nature. Some of them do not sting however some may sting when provoked.

 Wasp Removal Glen WaverleyOur Wasp Control Process

Wasp removal Melbourne makes sure to understand the problem and come up with a plan of action, for your home or business in case of wasp infestation. In case of wasp infestation inspection of the entire property is a must as wasp nests can be incredibly difficult to spot. After careful examination, a treatment strategy is formulated to exterminate the wasp along with its nest. Eco-friendly sprays and granules are made use of and special solutions are put in place to prevent future infestation. Protective barriers are established to prevent the wasps from entering in the future.

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