Wasp Removal Richmond

 People generally get confused between wasps and bees as both have similar shapes however, they both have some distinguishing features. Wasps have a distinct yellow and black band around their neck and bees have a brown band around their stomach. Since bees are excellent pollinators thus have hairy bodies, to collect pollens whereas wasps are generally bald and shiny. As far as their nature is concerned wasps are more aggressive and get agitated soon. They do not produce honey and are mostly solitary in nature. A wasp sting can be very painful and can also be fatal in case the person is allergic. If you suspect a wasp’s infestation in or around your home or business then it’s wise to get in touch with a wasp removal  Melbourne service.

Wasp Removal RichmondTypes of wasps found in Richmond

Australia is home to a large variety of wasps which are both native as well as introduced. Introduced wasps have come from parts of European and are known as the European wasp. They are more aggressive and there are also have a very bad reputation as far as their stinging capability is concerned. Wasps do not really live in colonies however it’s only the female wasps that can sting. never the less when a swarm of wasp sense the death of their fellow member, they immediately rush to the site due to the odor left by the dyeing swarm.

Our Wasp Control Process

Wasp removal services can help in removing wasp infestation in your home or business in the most effective manner. One of the most challenging parts while treating wasps is locating their nest. Pest control Melbourne services are well trained and experienced hence can find the nest even if it’s located in the most challenging location such as the void or the wall cavities. Wasps control services in Richmond make use of a variety of methods to exterminate the wasps. They are equipped with protective gear and make use of nonhazardous chemicals, sprays and chemicals that do not pose a danger to the environment. The granules are directly sprayed into the nest without harming the client or leaving any after effects and side effects.

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