Wasp Removal Ringwood

 Insects play an important role in maintaining a balance in the ecosystem. Some insects such as bees are also excellent pollinators and produce honey. However, wasps are one such insect whose few of the species are categorized as pests as they are a threat to the crops, can damage property, furniture, and when agitated can sting very badly. If you are facing problems due to wasp infestation or have been noticing a swarm of pests hovering around your home or business then it’s wise to get in touch with a Wasp removal service in Ringwood.

Types of wasps found in Ringwood

Broadly there are two kinds of wasps in Melbourne, namely native wasps and introduced wasps. Introduced wasps have mostly come from parts of Europe and their sting can be very painful. Wasps are generally solitary that is they do not live in colonies. Only a few varieties of wasps are pollinators, rest are parasites, that is they lay their eggs and feed on other insects. Pest control Melbourne can very easily identify the type of wasps due to their vast experience.

Bee Removal RingwoodOur Wasp Control Process

First and foremost, in case of wasp removal, it is vital to locate the nest. It can be quite cumbersome to locate a wasp nest, unlike a bee hive. Wasps build their nest in wall cavities and voids which are only visible when they reach a certain size, however, Wasp removal services can locate the nest even in the most challenging locations. Wasp control services spray directly into the wasp nest thus exterminating them. Pest control services make sure to use only those chemicals which are eco-friendly and do not leave any after effects and side effects. Once the process is complete, they will also cover all the potential wasp entry points with mesh. They are proactive in providing tips and suggestions to clients, on how to safeguard their premises against future wasp infestation.

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