Wasp Removal Somerton

Do you hear buzzing sounds near your property? It could be wasps. If you frequently see wasps around your property, then it’s time to call the experts at Wasps Control Melbourne. We offer safe and effective wasp removal services to keep your households and businesses in Somerton wasp-free. No matter the level of infestation, we can help. From small nests to large ones, our team is well-equipped to remove wasp nests from your property.

 Our Wasp Nest Removal Treatments

Wasps usually build their nests in hidden locations, often in wall cavities, eaves, trees, or under decks. Our experienced wasp nest removal team will locate the nest during the inspection and use the best methods for safe removal.

Insecticide Treatment – We use professional-grade insecticide sprays and powders that eliminate wasps.

Professional Nest Removal and Relocation – Depending on the species and location of the nest, we can safely remove and relocate the nest.

Wasp Removal St HelenaOur Wasp Control Process

Our wasp control procedure begins with an in-depth inspection. We will visit your property to locate the wasp nest and assess the severity of the infestation. Our team uses the most effective removal method and proceeds with the treatment. Upon removal, we recommend do’s and don’ts that help in preventing future infestations. Also, we provide aftercare and follow-up services to ensure they are completely gone.

Why Choose Our Wasp Removal in Somerton?

  • We are experts in wasp removal and provide quick and long-term solutions.
  • We ensure the safety of children and pets during the treatment process.
  • Our wasp control team is certified and uses eco-friendly products for safety.
  • We are experienced in handling wasp infestations of all sizes.
  • We offer warranty on our wasp removal services.

If you are disturbed by wasp presence, contact Wasps Control Melbourne at 03 9021 3738 today.