Wasps Removal Box Hill

It is common to see insects such as bees, beetles, butterflies’ wasps, etc. around springtime, however, if you witness a sudden increase in insects or a swarm of wasps or wasps then it’s almost certain that there is a nest around your home or business. Some insects especially wasps can sting which can lead to swelling and can sometimes be fatal if the person is allergic. Unlike honeybees only the female wasp stings and repeatedly stings. When the wasps die, they leave a pheromone which acts as a signal for other wasps. Thus, it is vital to leave treatment for wasps’ infestation only for professional wasps’ removal services.

Types of wasps in Box Hill

Box Hill is home to many varieties of wasps, out of which some are native wasps and some have been introduced from other parts of the world. Notably the European wasps cause the maximum nuisance.

Following is some of the species of wasps with their prominent features

  • European Wasp-European Wasps are the most aggressive kind of wasps.
  • Yellow Jacket Wasp-They are known for stinging repeatedly if provoked.
  • Common Wasp-Just as European Wasps they are also known for stinging and are quite aggressive.
  • Native Paper Wasp-They are Native to Melbourne and have around 35 different species
  • Sand Wasp-These are predominately non aggressive wasps and generally travel in swarms.
  • Mud Nesting Wasps-These are quite commonly spotted in forest and woodland and feed on nectar.
  • White Faced Brown Paper Wasp-These are excellent pollinators and play a vital role for the environment.
  • Tree Brown Paper Wasp-As the name suggest they reside inside hollow tress.

Wasps Removal Box HillOur Wasp Control Process

If you can locate the wasps’ nest then pest control services will be able to safely remove the wasps with a variety of treatments such as by making use of eco-friendly sprays and chemicals. However, if the nest is not easily spotted, for example, if it’s in a wall cavity, the wasp removal services will try to make use of solutions such as the smoke or a scare method which helps the wasps to relocate to a distant location along with the queen wasp, worker wasps, and other professional wasps. After the treatment is successful, wasps’ removal in Melbourne also provides you with tips and suggestions, on how to keep the wasps and wasps away from your home and business. Special mesh barriers are installed and entry points are secured, garbage bins are securely fitted and kept at a distance from the door and windows.

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