3 Common Commercial Facilities That Attract Wasps – What You Must Do?

3 Common Commercial Facilities That Attract Wasps

Wasps are trouble-makers and aggressive in nature. They sting even when they are not disturbed. They build their nests in areas they feel safe, and comfortable and have unlimited access to food and water. This is why you must keep your space neat, well-trimmed, and thoroughly sealed to deal with these buzzing insects.  Aside from residential spaces, wasps like hornets & yellow jackets prefer building their nests in commercial facilities like hotels, outdoor cafés, and open areas. The best course of action is to call a wasp nest removal expert to inspect your property and remove any nest that’s threatening your routine. After All, you don’t want your customers or visitors swatting at and running from these buzzing insects. Certain commercial spots are hotspots for wasps and here’s what you should do to get rid of them.

Outdoor Restaurants & Cafes

Often the outdoor restaurants become the most enticing spots for wasps. They enjoy leftover foods, juice spills, and bread crumbs. To keep the wasps in control, you must limit the food sources and clear any standing water and keep the space well-ventilated, dry and clean. You can use effective wasp traps and if that doesn’t work, hire wasp control experts to remove any active wasp nests from your facility.

Garden Area

Whether you’re throwing a house party in your garden or patio or have a space to make some nice grills, you can expect these buzzing insects near your garden. They can visit in order to eat the spills and leftovers. These are ground nesters and can live in underground areas as well.  So, be sure to clear the area and keep your garden area well-trimmed.

Café Shops

Wasps are attracted to sticky sugary substances and that’s one of the main reasons you can expect a wasp visit near your café. If there’s already a wasp nest near your café which is alarming and swarming all over the area, you must take immediate action by calling a wasp nest removal expert to help you out. Also, be sure to seal off any gaps, crevices, or holes that these tiny insects can sneak through.

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