5 Effective Wasp Control Tips For House Owners

5 Effective Wasp Control Tips For House Owners

Did you know? Wasps often build their nest close to your home. Though they are aggressive creatures, you might want to have them around. They help control other pest populations, pollinate flowers & buzz around the property. However, it’s not advisable to let them hang around for a long time. So, when you spot a wasp nest, call a wasp nest removal expert to help you.  If you’re looking for effective wasp control tips that will chase wasps from the property & save you from stings.

Reduce Smell

Wasps have a strong sense of smell, so keep the food in closed containers. Wasp loves soda drinks, sweet juices and anything that is sugar. Also, avoid wearing fruit-based perfume or cologne that attracts wasps. Refrain from keeping pet foods out for a long time, which may even invite rats, possums and even wasps to your property.

Seal Ground Holes

Wasps like yellow jackets are known to make nests in ground holes. Be sure to level up the ground & fill in the holes as soon as you can.

Reduce Moisture

If you have high moisture or standing water on your property, it will attract bugs and other pests that wasps eat. So, by putting an end to bugs, you can curb the entry of wasps.

Fix Entry Points

Wasps are sneaky like rats. They can sneak through your window cracks, window panes, and door screens. You must seal the cracks in the pipelines, interior doors and other crevices to prevent their entry.

Call Pros

Routine wasp inspections on your property not only keep you safe but also peaceful. You never know when you will get into contact with a wasp, so make sure to call a wasp nest removal expert to take care of the issue and eliminate them from the property. They can locate the nests and remove the nest before you stumble on a wasp.

If you’re afraid of wasp stings & want to get rid of the nest quickly from the nest, call Wasp Control Melbourne on 03 9021 3738 today.

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