Where Do Wasps Go In Winter?

Where Do Wasps Go In Winter

If you want to know that wasps are active in winter, they do. They survive during the winter season by entering our home and building their nest in safe and hidden areas. But where do wasps go in winter? Are they in their nest like honey bees? We will answer all your questions here. Also, […]

3 Common Commercial Facilities That Attract Wasps – What You Must Do?

3 Common Commercial Facilities That Attract Wasps

Wasps are trouble-makers and aggressive in nature. They sting even when they are not disturbed. They build their nests in areas they feel safe, and comfortable and have unlimited access to food and water. This is why you must keep your space neat, well-trimmed, and thoroughly sealed to deal with these buzzing insects.  Aside from residential […]

Are Hornets Dangerous?

Are Hornets Dangerous

Yes, they’re. Hornets are dangerous insects and are less aggressive than any other wasp species. But their stings are painful & won’t stop with one sting. This is why whenever you spot a hornet nest, you must call a wasp control specialist to help you out. Hornets are a type of wasp that is longer […]

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