Are Hornets Dangerous?

Are Hornets Dangerous

Yes, they’re. Hornets are dangerous insects and are less aggressive than any other wasp species. But their stings are painful & won’t stop with one sting. This is why whenever you spot a hornet nest, you must call a wasp control specialist to help you out. Hornets are a type of wasp that is longer […]

Are Wasps Beneficial? – Let’s Find Out!

Are Wasps Beneficial Let’s Find Out

Wasps are valuable pollinators but are hated by people due to their painful stings. Being useful buzzing insects around the ground by feeding on other insects and flies, rotten fruits and vegetables, and wasps can be helpful in many more ways. Though they’re useful, you shouldn’t encourage their presence or nests on your property. If […]

Should You Be Alarmed By Wasp Swarms?

Should You Be Alarmed By Wasp Swarms

To be honest, Yes! Wasps are aggressive stinging insects, harm you with their stingers & their stings can be painful. Generally, insects are known to move in swarms & wasps are no exception. Wasps live in colonies and move with their fellow wasps. They sting badly when they sense a threat. Moreover, wasps are very […]

How To Avoid Wasp Stings?

How To Avoid Wasp Stings

When it comes to stinging insects, wasps are dangerous & predatory. One of the wasp species, hornets, produce painful stings & can sting repeatedly. So, if you ever spot a wasp nest, make sure to get professional support from wasp removal Melbourne and remove the nest safely. If you already have a wasp nest, chances […]

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