DIY tips to get rid of wasp from your garden

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People often resort to DIY solutions before approaching a professional pest control agency. One of the reasons for trying DIY tricks is that they seem to be inexpensive and can prove to be useful in few cases if done correctly. If you have wasps in your garden, you should be very careful while using any DIY tricks as they only offer short term solution and, in this process, there is a danger of getting stung. That’s why it is highly recommended to contact Wasp Removal East Melbourne if you need help with wasp control or wasp nest removal.

Following is a few of the DIY tips and tricks to get rid of wasps from your garden

  • Apple cider vinegar, mint, and witch hazel– Strong odor acts like a repellent for wasps. Mix apple cider vinegar, mint and witch hazel solution in a spray bottle and dilute it. Spray this solution in your garden.
  • Suffocation with hot soapy water– Prepare a mixture of soap and hot water. Pour it in the wasp nests. This will suffocate them and force the wasps to leave their nest.
  • Essential oils– Essential oils such as lemon grass essence, peppermint oil etc. have a very strong aroma. Mix them and dilute them. Spray it directly in the wasp nest. The mixture is so strong that it might even kill the wasps.
  • Red hot pepper– Dilute some red pepper power and spray it directly into the wasp’s nest.
  • Sugar solution trap– Mix apple cider vinegar with ample amount of sugar. Take two plastic bottle and join them with a glue. Pour in this mixture. Wasps get attracted to sugar. The plastic bottles filled with sugar and vinegar solution will act as a trap and would not be able to escape.
  • Nest drowning– This technique can be a bit brutal as it would surely kill the wasp. If you see a wasp nest hanging then this brave technique can help. Take a heavy-duty cloth bag and grab the wasp nest into the bag. Immediately seal the bag and drown it in a tub of water and let it stand there until all the wasps die out of suffocation.

If you can’t get rid of wasps despite trying all these tips and tricks, call Wasp Control Melbourne on 03 9021 3738. Our experts have proper training and equipment to help you with wasp nest removal.

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