Do Wasps Die After They Sting? – Find Out!

Is Wasp Control Required For Your New Home

Wasp stings are quite painful like bee stings. So, fighting single-handedly with no proper gear will get you a lot of stings and painful screams. Wasps are generally aggressive and driving them mad is not a good idea.  If you can safely remove the wasp nest, you can try removing the nest with protective gear. The larger the nest, the more wasps are attracted to the nest. So, make sure to call Wasp Control Melbourne to remove the nest safely from the nest. But do wasps die after they sting? Let’s find out!

Wasps Don’t Die

Unlike bees, wasp keeps their stinger and can sting you multiple times. They release their stringer and can sting you multiple times.  They don’t lose their stinger after they stung you.  So keep in mind that wasp stings are quite bad and utterly painful. And everybody reacts differently to wasp stings.  Also, wasp venom leads to allergies and other medical emergencies. Our Professional experienced in Wasp Removal East Melbourne will control all pest.


In most cases, you will feel the pain, redness, and itchiness in the area they stung. In extreme cases, the patient may have a shock, panic attack, or severe allergies like skin rashes. So make sure not to touch or agitate the wasp nest with DIY wasp control or removal methods.

Why Do They Sting?

Wasps only sting if they are threatened.  If they feel the need to protect the nest or female wasp, they will start to sting badly.  So, avoid waving or swatting your arms or hands toward the nest to prevent them from stinging.

The Solution

Protecting you from the wasp stings involves calling a wasp control professional. They can visit the property, find out the wasp nest and devise a wasp nest removal plan to eradicate them.  If you have a wasp nest at home and want a wasp removal expert to remove them, call Wasps Control Melbourne on 03 9021 3738 today.


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