Things That Attract Wasps To My Property

How To Avoid Wasp Stings

It’s very common to witness bees and wasps hovering around in your backyard, especially during spring and summer. These insects generally do not sting. However, if they sense danger or are agitated, they can sting. A wasp sting can be very painful and may call for medical attention in a few cases. While a pest control company can help with Wasp Removal Melbourne and wasp nest control, it is always better to know what attracts them and how to keep them at bay during spring and summer.

Ripe fruits and colorful flowers

Wasps are carnivorous and suck nectar from flowers; however, they still need some sugar in their diet, which they get from ripened fruits. If you have wasp nests in your garden and are bothered by their presence, Wasp Removal Armadale can take care of the wasp nest removal process at your location.

Garbage cans and compost piles

Wasps not only enjoy nectar from flowers but also often relish leftover rotten food. Thus, always cover compost piles and seal garbage bins. Also clear the trash so that it does not become a feeding ground for the wasps and tempt them to make it their nesting place.

Untreated wood

Wasps chew untreated wood and make use of the pulp to build their nests. Any untreated wooden item which is left in the open such as decking, playsets and swings can act as a perfect treat for them.

Water source

Just like wasps need proteins, and carbs in their diet similarly they also need water. In case you have an open water source such as a fountain, swimming pool or pond, then it is highly likely to be visited by insects such as wasps, bees, etc.

Outdoor gathering

Wasps look out for readily available food such as leftover meat, fruits sweet drinks etc. that they can get from outdoor gatherings. They also get attracted to sweet fragrances such as perfumes, deodorants, and colognes that are quite commonly worn by people during outdoor gatherings especially during summers.

Bug Infestation

Wasps are carnivorous and generally eat bugs and other insects. Hence, if your house already has a bug infestation, then wasps might get attracted to build their nest there to ensure a regular supply of food.

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