Where Do Wasps Go In Winter?

Where Do Wasps Go In Winter

If you want to know that wasps are active in winter, they do. They survive during the winter season by entering our home and building their nest in safe and hidden areas. But where do wasps go in winter? Are they in their nest like honey bees? We will answer all your questions here. Also, if you see one or two, or wings near the window, or mud tubes in the attic, it’s best to call a wasp nest removal expert to inspect the property thoroughly.

Most wasps survive during winter by staying indoors or finding a home that’s safe for their colony. They will slowly build their nest in undisturbed places like your attic or under the deck to survive.

Well, you might not see them during winter; they will slowly come out if warm-weather crops up during the winter season. If you see their nest or see one or two flying over, immediately check the hidden areas, crevices, corners, and dark rooms in your house. Once you spot their nest, call a wasp control specialist to remove the nest for you.

The most common and active wasp species during winter are yellow jackets and paper wasps. Yellow jackets often build their nests in the ground, near the shrubs or bushy areas. So be sure to have an eye on your garden and clear them.  Paper wasps are used to locate their nests near windows and corner areas of the home. Beware of these two wasps and protect your home with wasp’s best repellents.  You can seal off the gaps or crevices and even install mosquito nets to stop their entry.

As wasps will be low in energy during winter, you can get rid of them easily with the help of wasp deterrents. If there are multiple nests, it’s safe to call a wasp control expert to eliminate them.

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