Why do wasps become so active in summer?

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Flies and insects are very commonly seen during summers. It is during summers that they are most active due to warmer weather conditions. One of the major reasons for them to be most active during summer is the abundance of nectar present in blooming flowers and that too especially during the daytime. In today’s blog, let’s get to know why they become so active in summer.

Stinging Insects Are Active During Summers

There are a large variety of insects seen during summers in Melbourne. One of the most common among them is bees and wasps. We can visit and do Wasp Nest Removal Melbourne. And In Melbourne itself there are many varieties of bees and wasps, however broadly they can be classified into European wasps and bees and native wasps and bees. As the name suggests the European wasp and bees are the ones that have been brought from Europe. European bees are honey-producing bees and have been brought to foster honey production. On the other hand, native bees and wasps are native to the area and are abundantly found.

Wasps And Bees Are Not the Same

Many people often confuse wasps with bees; however, wasps are different species of insects. They are not excellent pollinators as compared to bees; however, some varieties of wasps do have the capability of pollination. Wasps are regarded as more aggressive and tend to sting if they sense danger. So Our professional can take care of Wasp Removal Chadstone. They generally do not live in colonies but once they get to sense the odour of a dead wasp, then they tend to gather around. Therefore, it’s not wise to kill a wasp as a swarm of wasps can sting continuously. Their sting is so painful that in some cases where the victim is allergic to the sting can also die.

Their Breeding Cycle

As far as breeding is concerned when we talk about paper wasps, they plan very wisely, and during the start of spring, they tend to form new colonies to breed. When the female wasp is out of hibernation period, it mates and works towards building its nest. Throughout the summers there is an increase in larvae which eventually becomes full-grown insect by the end of summer and early fall.

This is why you see them in large numbers during warm weather conditions. If the infestation is severe, ensure to call the wasp control experts from Wasps Control Melbourne on 03 9021 3738 today.

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