How can I prevent wasps from nesting on my property?

Should You Be Alarmed By Wasp Swarms

If you wish to enjoy your backyard or your porch during the spring and for the upcoming summers then make sure that you don’t have a hidden wasp’s nest in and around your home. Generally, wasps build their nests and tend to hibernate during the winters. Once the weather becomes warm, they swarm around in gardens and backyards. Wasps can sting and can also harm your property. Thus, in order to protect yourself from these stinging pests, try and make your home unattractive for wasps’ nests. The best thing you can do is to seek the help of a pest control company to assist you with Wasp Removal Richmond and wasp nest removal.

Following is a few of the proactive measures that can help prevent wasps from nesting on your property

Food should not be in close reach

Wasps tend to hover around looking for ready sources of food such as rotten fruits, bird feeders, etc. Make sure to move the feeders to the trees away from your property. And remove over ripe fruits.

Seal the entry points for wasps to enter

Wasps tend to sneak in through cracks, crevices, edges of the siding spaces, and even the tiniest spaces. Therefore, make sure to seal them with the help of a sealant.

Place wasp-repelling plants around your home and porch.

Everybody likes to see blooming flowers in their garden during spring and summer, however, these can attract wasps and bees. It’s wise to plant a combination of plants such as geranium, spearmint, thyme, basil, etc. That has the property of keeping the wasps away due to their pungent fragrance and acts as a natural repellant.

Seal garbage cans and cover compost piles.

Wasps not only enjoy nectar from flowers but also often relish leftover rotten food. Thus, cover compost piles and seal garbage bins. Also clear the trash so that it does not become a feeding ground for the wasps and tempt them to make it their nesting place.

Fill any holes in your lawn or garden.

Solitary wasp tends to make their nest in any cavities that they find on the ground. If you spot any holes or gaps in your garden, then best is to fill them. If you find any tunnels, then plug them with sand to prevent future infestation.

If you still notice wasps swarming around your property, call Wasp Control Melbourne on 03 9021 3738. We can help you with your wasp control and wasp nest removal needs.

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